The Truth about Painkillers

The Truth about Painkillers

With different pain and inflammation we experience in our body, it is not a surprise that medical experts created painkillers. For years, it has been our go-to remedy whenever we feel discomfort and body aches due to stress and other health-related issues. But sadly, painkillers have been used as a household over-the-counter drug even if we are perfectly fine.

As one of your partners when it comes to health care, Windies Community RX LLC, a Pharmacy in Texas, would want to promote awareness among consumers on painkillers. We have to understand the purpose of such over-the-counter drugs and its possible effects on our body. It is important to know what a medicine does to our body so that we will be mindful with its dosage and other side effects.

Purpose of Painkillers

These are commercially available drugs that interfere with our nervous system in order to transmit a signal to the brain, blocking its sense of pain. Hence, once we take painkillers, we do not feel anything especially on the part of the body wherein there is intense inflammation. It could activate a portion of the brain that will let us feel temporarily relieved.

Is it safe to take prescription painkillers?

Generally, we only take painkillers if it is advised by our doctor. Otherwise, there is absolutely no need for us to take these medications if we are perfectly fine. However, if the inflammation in our body is too much to handle, we must take these painkillers only upon the prescription from our doctor.

In some instances, a patient is given opioids and other strong painkillers for cases wherein the sick patient cannot tolerate it anymore. It is only recommended for short-term medication. Usually, doctors give this to those who are terminally ill patients and those who are seriously injured and need something to numb the pain.

By the time we recover from our injury or sickness, it would be best to quit our intake of painkillers promptly. This is especially recommended for those patients who have been taking these prescription drugs for quite a while. It is to give the body the chance to go back to its normal function without the aid of a drug.

Here are some ways on how to quit painkiller intake:

  • Consult a therapist.
  • Join a group counseling.
  • individual treatment as advised by your doctor.

Indeed, painkillers are created to address the needs of the patients. Despite being sick, we should not add the burden of feeling incessant pain and discomfort all throughout. Hence, painkillers are beneficial only when taken in moderation.

For more information about painkillers or if you have questions with the painkillers given by your doctors, our pharmacists will gladly tell you more about it at Windies Community RX LLC. For details, you can visit our website or call us at 281-208-7937.


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