Pharmacist’s Role in Diabetes Management

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It is not just the job of the primary care physicians and nurses to counsel diabetic patients with respect to their disease condition. Pharmacists play a big role in educating these patients in the proper use of medication, so as to preempt any possible complications that accompany diabetes. Having diabetes is never easy. A lot of changes may happen in a person’s life. A diagnosis of the disease entails a 180-degree turn of their life.

As such, if you are a pharmacist, you must take an active role in ensuring that your patients get the right education in managing their condition. They need all the right information and support they could gather with respect to the disease. Here are some important points from Windies Community RX LLC that you could tell to your patient in lieu of their disease:

  • The Professional Advice

    In order that you can increase medication adherence of your patient, you need to see to it that you give the right advice, so your patient can effectively manage their disease all on their own. Your health education should emphasize the normal range of blood glucose level, so your patients will know how to manage their lifestyle. The glucose level is maintained at the normal level if this is perfectly understood. The lifestyle choices of your patients will have a great impact on their life. The manner in which you advise them regarding their choices will spell between positive and negative outcomes. When you emphasize the need of constant monitoring, regular use of insulin and other anti-diabetic medications, which are widely available in most Pharmacy in Texas, you are infusing knowledge into your patients. Such that, they are empowered to take full responsibility in their decisions in life.

  • Talk About the Right Diet

    You should not only focus on medication management in dealing with your patient’s diabetic condition. You should equally emphasize the need to adhere to a healthy diet that will help maintain the glucose level within normal limits. For instance, put emphasis on eating fruits, vegetables, and lean protein and limit intake of sugary foods and beverages.

  • Proper Exercise

    Keeping an active lifestyle is a good way to battle the complications associated with diabetes. You must be clear in telling your client that having an ideal weight helps control their diabetes condition. Encourage them to take small steps in increasing their activity, so that they are weaned from having a sedentary lifestyle. However, the kind of exercise that they should do should coincide with the professional advice coming from their diabetologist or main health-care provider. Because diabetic patients often experience sudden episodes of hunger and thirst which could pose risks while they are exercising.

As a pharmacist, your role is to provide the right education and ensure that patients who are coming to you are well-informed in the courses of action to effectively manage their disease condition. Education is an important factor in seeing that the disease is properly managed. You take the role as an active participant in the healthcare chain wherein patients are constantly reminded of what they need to do in order to live a quality and meaningful life.


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