Natural Ways to Neutralize the Bitter Aftertaste of Medicines


Is the bitter aftertaste of medicines bothering you or a loved one, especially your children? Don’t worry. You can shop for sugar-coated alternatives of your medications and supplements at a reliable pharmacy in Missouri City, Texas. Or if an alternative isn’t available, there are a lot of ways to disguise the disgusting aftertaste of medicines. Here are some of them:

  • Crush the capsule and mix it in food

    You can camouflage the bitter taste of medicine by mixing it in your drinks. This technique is ideal for liquid medication. Chocolate syrup, fruit-flavored drinks, and fruit roll-ups are commonly used for this technique. For capsules and tablets, be sure to ask your physician if it’s ok to crush and mix the medicines.

  • Turn it into liquid form

    It also helps to turn the tablet or capsule into a liquid form. Moisten the medicine and melt it using the back of two spoons. You can use juice or milk for this technique. Just be sure to ask the pharmacist at your nearest drugstore if it’s okay to melt the medicine.

  • Practice follow up or preventative remedies

    You can eat an ice cube, ice cream, or ice pop to numb your mouth prior to taking poor-tasting medications. After swallowing the tablet or capsule, rinse your mouth with your choice of flavored drink. You can buy nutritious flavored drinks along with your medicines at a leading pharmacy in Houston Texas.

  • Use a straw

    Put the pill at the back part of your tongue. Then suck a flavorful drink through a straw. Make sure to gulp quickly to avoid the lingering bitter aftertaste of the pill.

With these tips, you can prevent the disgusting taste of medicines from lingering in your mouth. But to ensure you won’t have to take a bitter pill, drop by Windies Community RX LLC and ask for an alternative pill with a better taste. As a delivery pharmacy, you can also have your orders of medical supplies in Texas packed ahead of time for pick up.

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