How to Stay Healthy Even if You Have Diabetes

How to Stay Healthy Even if You Have Diabetes
Let us face it – having diabetes sucks. For the most part, you are not able to eat the food you like to eat like cakes, coke, French fries, white rice, sugary cereals, fried white-flour tortillas, white bread, and much more. And just like any other chronic condition, you can feel a lot of inconveniences and uncomfortable conditions.

You notice that you begin urinating a lot. You feel thirsty even if you already drank water and you also feel hungry even if you’ve just done eating. Experiencing extreme fatigue can interfere with the activities you have throughout the day.

Your eyes will even fail you as you may see everything turning blurry. Your cuts and bruises will eventually take some time before it can heal.

Once you have been diagnosed with this disease, you know there is no turning back. The life you once lived before needs to be changed and you will have to transform your bad habits for good otherwise, these bad habits will transform you to the worst.

How can you stay healthy even if you are suffering from this chronic condition? Mayo Clinic may have the answer to your question and Windies Community RX LLC, a reliable Pharmacy in Texas, will be sharing their list with you and adding some information that may benefit you:

  • Avoid smoking.The renowned author John Green wrote questions in the last part of his first novel “Looking for Alaska.” In his second “intentionally vague and broad discussion” question, he mentioned and inquired to his readers on the following and we quote:“I would argue that both in fiction and in real life, teenage smoking is a symbolic action. What do you think it’s intended to symbolize, and what does it actually end up symbolizing? To phrase this question differently: Why would anyone ever pay money in exchange for the opportunity to acquire lung cancer and/or emphysema? ”Diabetes is not just a single disease. It can bring about further complications if you do not manage it well enough, especially if you are also smoking. What is a good example of not effectively managing your disease? The meanest thing you can ever do to your body is to get yourself diagnosed with diabetes and not do something about your smoking habits.If you continue to engage in this habit, Mayo Clinic stated that you will indubitably suffer the consequences of the following complications:
    • Reduced blood flow in your lower extremities
    • Heart disease
    • Stroke
    • Eye disease
    • Nerve damage
    • Kidney disease

    Ask for help on how you can stop smoking.

  • Care for your oral health.The eyes are the window to your soul and your mouth is the window to your overall health. And on the same note, if you have a chronic condition, it will also affect the overall oral health.Having diabetes can give an impact on your teeth and it will bring you gum infections. That is why you need to do the known tricks we always have been taught ever since we are still schooling like:
    • Brushing your teeth at least twice a day
    • Flossing once a day
    • Going to your dental exams twice a year
    • Consulting your dentist if you have any dental problems

    It is not really that difficult to promote a good oral health.

  • Do not overlook stress.Just because you are under pressure does not mean you have to forget your daily diabetes care routine. Your hormones can react to prolonged stress which will inhibit your insulin from doing its job.Do not succumb to stress by:
    • Setting limits
    • Taking control
    • Having a good time management
    • Prioritizing your tasks
    • Learning techniques on how to relax
    • Getting enough hours of sleep
    • Staying positive
  • Do not fail to notice the health of your feet.If you are suffering a worse kind of diabetes or if you are not doing anything about your condition, you will inevitably suffer some more complications. One such complication is the reduction of the blood flow to your lower extremities.
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