Here’s How You Can Choose a Diabetic Footwear Better

Here is How You Can Choose a Diabetic Footwear Better

Diabetic foot is a complication that you must totally avoid. You don’t want to lose your feet, don’t you? A diabetic foot can start off as just a simple blister which could evolve swiftly into an untreatable ulcer. Over time, with or without medical attention, the once tiny blister in your foot could turn into a gruesome wound characterized by severe infection and massive tissue loss. Your doctor would have no other option but to amputate your foot just to save you from the perils of sepsis or systemic infection.

If you have diabetes, you need to understand how important skin care and proper footwear can do to you. You must wisely choose the footwear you plan to purchase so that it could bring great benefits to you. Here are some factors from Windies Community RX LLC you can consider before you buy those pair of shoes:

  • Choose the wide shoes. Diabetes will render you with so many complications and one of those is neuropathy. With this, you will have poor sensation in your feet. That is why it is safer to use wide shoes so that there’s ample room for your feet to wiggle. Choosing tighter shoes will not let you feel that blisters might be forming in your feet because of your poor sensation.

  • Carefully look at the shoe tongue. Shoe tongues may be innocent as it looks but you need to be privy about it. You must see to it that it is padded and wide so that the laces will not dig into your feet. You must get shoes which allow you to thread the lace on the tongue so that it will not slip from side to side as you walk.

  • Flat shoes only. Never try to wear heeled shoes as this will cause a poor distribution of weight such that the toes bear the brunt of carrying your entire body weight. When the toes are exerted with too much pressure, it can impede circulation and blisters might form. Further, uneven distribution of weight will cause bunions to form too.

  • Well-aerated footwear. Choose those that allow your feet to breathe. This will help lessen the amount of moisture that’s going to be trapped inside the shoes. Remember that moisture is a perfect recipe for the bacteria to grow. And presence of bacteria often leads to infection which results in an unfavorable outcome.

  • Talk to your doctor. If you’re unsure about the kind of shoes that you’re purchasing, then you can always talk to your doctor so you get the necessary assistance in choosing the perfect shoes that are apt in combating your diabetes complications. Always have your feet assessed regularly by your podiatrist so that the slightest problem can be immediately treated and thus preventing further problems from ever occurring.

The key to getting the right shoes to fit your condition is to get one from a store or Pharmacy in Texas that offers you wide selections. This will allow you to have so many options to choose from. At the end of the day, as simple as choosing the kind of shoes that you’d want to wear will play a huge part in managing your diabetic conditions.

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