Free Radicals: Why You Need To Watch Out For Them

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We hear the phrase ‘free radicals’ everywhere, but do we really know how and why our bodies form these unstable molecules? First, let’s talk about what Free Radicals are. These are a group of atoms that has an unpaired electron, which makes it unstable and highly reactive to chemicals. Because they are unstable, these atoms will cause chaos just to get the electron pair they need to be stable. While doing so, it may cause a chain reaction called ‘oxidative damage’ and ‘oxidative stress’ which can damage cells if not treated immediately. Other effects can be skin cancer and premature aging. We don’t really want that, do we? But, at this day and age, we want to go to a lot of places, be everywhere all at once. A little sun and dirt wouldn’t hurt, or so we thought. It’s in the environment we are at everyday where we find the causes of these Free Radicals. It can be because of too much heat and pollution, or -career-driven, as we all are now- stressed. Drugs and alcohol may cause these too, which is why we need to be more careful when taking in these substances.

Our bodies naturally produce Free Radicals, but too much of it can be very harmful, that’s why you need to keep them at bay. Here’s HOW:

Stock-Up On Antioxidants

These can be found in a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits, particularly in Acai berries, Bilberries, Blueberries, and the like. Antioxidants ‘donate’ to these unpaired atoms and ward off the excess production of Free Radicals, thus, making you less susceptible to its dangers. Windies Community, a Pharmacy in Texas, sells bottles of various Antioxidants. You can even sign up for Auto Refills at!

Drink Vitamins Everyday

Vitamins E and C are two of the more studied vitamins that can help lessen the production of Free Radicals. Here’s how they work:

Vitamin C has ‘reducing properties’ which eliminates the body’s threat to excessive production of Free Radicals, while Vitamin E is the vitamin that can help lower our body’s oxidative stress. You can find a lot of fruits and vegetables that are full of Vitamins C and E. You may also find these supplements anywhere, especially at Windies Community, if you are within the Texas area. It’s pretty easy and self-explanatory. After all, we have always been told to drink vitamins daily, and now we know one of the most important reasons why.

We at Windies Community Rx LLC, bring you quality and convenience, sans sales-by-the-foot treatment.

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